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Meet Japan's futuristic robot 'Kuratas'

A television reporter in military uniform climbs into the cockpit of a giant 'Kuratas' robot at an exhibition in Tokyo. The four-meter-high, limited edition, made-to-order robot is controlled through a pilot in its cockpit, or via a smartphone.

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Aviation – Lockheed Martin Wins Arrowhead Contract

El Segundo, August 4, 2011: The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin a $60 million follow-on production contract for the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor , also known as Arrowhead, for the AH-64D Apache attack helicopter. (13 mins ago)

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You Were Where? Onstar’s New Family Link Locates Loved Ones No Matter Where They Roam

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. August 1, 2011; OnStar today announced it has launched a pilot for Family Link, a new optional service that will explore ways subscribers can stay connected to their loved ones when driving an OnStar-equipped vehicle. (10 hours ago)

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Anthem Blue Cross Gains National Recognition for Diabetes Pilot Bridging Cultural Health Care Gaps for African

Anthem Blue Cross’ health equities pilot is one of seven programs recognized this year with a Best of Blue Clinical Distinction Award. The pilot, developed for Hispanics and African Americans with diabetes, is being recognized for its innovative and successful approach to improving access to high quality, safe and affordable health care for Anthem members. (12 mins ago)

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Pakistani plane lands in Sweden after bomb threat

Pilot decided to land after Canadian police received a tip that a passenger on board was carrying explosives. (34 mins ago)

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Youtube Tests Live Video Streaming Platform

The two-day pilot will help the video sharing site decide whether to broadly roll out the system to partners next year. (24 hours ago)

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Serious lapses in emergency evacuation in Jet flight: DGCA

Over 140 passengers were deplaned using emergency services after the pilot reported fire in one of engines. (11 mins ago)

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