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Is YouTube Too Big to Fail?

Too Big to Fail? is the albatross of the Great Recession. Now under the specter of a double dip, does the phrase apply to online content?

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Zion Church Wants Derrick Rose to Help in Trademark Fight

Of course, a multi-billion dollar international company is not going to let some little Chicago area church get in its way, so Adidas is trying to kill a Chicagoland church’s claim to the trademarked phrase “Add a Zero.” [ more ]

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Apple to GetJar: Stop Using the Phrase App Store?

Amazon isn’t the only company getting visits from Apple’s lawyers over the use of the phrase App Store.? The company is? (2 hours ago)

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gel markers

gel markers

My favorite thing in my house is my stadium of colored gel pens so I made the phrase out of those, in rainbow color no doubt!!

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