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FCC Chair Nominee Wants to Fully Legalize Phone Unlocking

Tom Wheeler turns against his former employer, the CTIA        

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FCC’s new chairman wants to end ban on cell phone unlocking

Wheeler: Consumers should be allowed to unlock phones after paying off contracts.

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Markets | Unlocking Cellphones Means Unlocking Innovation

Phone unlocking ought to be an important part of the American innovation-by-tinkering story. The government should not be in the position of picking winners and losers.        

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During hearing, Congress defends phone unlocking rights

Legislature aligns itself with the White House, hoping to fix last fall’s decision.

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Here's how to legalise phone unlocking

Although Congress has proposals to address the issue of unlocking phones, none of them actually solve the problem.

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Petition to legalize phone unlocking reaches goal

A Whitehouse.gov petition to rescind the recent decision making personal unlocking of cell phones illegal has reached the 100,000 signatures necessary for an official response from the administration.

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US prepares for phone unlocking ban

Users will no longer be able to skirt carrier restrictions

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