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Kenneth Kaufman of CFOWise Pays $220,000.00 for Admitted Copying and Violation of Federal Copyright Law

PHOENIX—-Ken Kaufman of CFOWise admits copying B2B CFO, pays $220,000

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j2 Global Acquires Offsite Backup Solutions, LLC

LOS ANGELES—-JCOM acquired substantially all of the assets of Offsite Backup Solutions, LLC, a Phoenix-based provider of online backup solutions.

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Startup sees future for electric-car chargers

A Phoenix startup specializing in electric-car chargers will seek to power a new generation of electric cars expected to hit the roads.

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Apple Gets Slapped With An iCloud Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

The Phoenix-based voice over IP service says it has been using the name since 2005. The lawsuit was filed in Arizona. The other two applications belong to a man in North Carolina, Douglas Dane Baker , and the other by Swedish company Xcerion that sold the iCloud domain to Apple for $4.5 million. (13 hours ago)

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