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White House Backs Unlocking Phones–but It's Still Not Legal

The White House threw its weight behind a petition to allow iPhone and Android users the right to unlock their smartphones.

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Michael Kwan

A law went into effect earlier this year that effectively made it illegal for you to unlock your phone. Naturally, many mobile enthusiasts weren’t happy about that decision, so they put together a petition and got over 100,000 signatures . The White House was then compelled to respond and now they have.

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Phone locking petition off to White House

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 — A petition asking the White House to legalize cellphone unlocking has enough signatures to go to the Obama administration for consideration, its backers say.

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Petition to legalize phone unlocking reaches goal

A Whitehouse.gov petition to rescind the recent decision making personal unlocking of cell phones illegal has reached the 100,000 signatures necessary for an official response from the administration.

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Edward J. Black: Internet Users, Free Speech Experts, Petition Against Sopa

The vote scheduled for Thursday would be a dangerous blow against the Internet and all those who depend on it for legitimate business, communications and commentary.

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