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SMX West and Marin Software Launch 5th Annual SMX Biggest Search Geek Contest

Want to really *earn* your trip to SMX West in March 2013? Why not test your search marketing intelligence you could win a free trip to SMX West. Take the 5th Annual SMX Biggest Search Geek Contest sponsored by Marin Software , and see how you stack up against your peers.

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Infosys way ahead of Indian peers in patent race

Infosys Ltd, the country’s second largest software exporter, leads in the number of patents filed by large Indian information technology services companies. According to the data compiled by equity research firm Barclays, the Indian firm filed 159 patents in the US Patent and Trademark Office during the last five years.

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Soquel Taps Loma Prieta’s Castaniada as New Superintendent

Henry Castaniada describes himself as an eternal optimist, which may explain why at the same time many of his peers in education are retiring in the wake of ongoing budget reductions, he’s taking a salary cut to become the new superintendent of the Soquel Union Elementary School District. (1 min ago)

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The Christmas rush is on, and shopping centers are striving to capitalize on the most profitable period of the year

Shopping centers in Poland, just like most of their peers in the Western world, are practically radiating Christmas spirit these days. This is the product of retailers and mall managers working in concert to blend traditional holiday themes with modern consumerism. (1 hour ago)

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