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Good work needs to be credited: Expatriates

Nobel Peace Prize announcement evokes strong responses

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Privacy not in Eric Schmidt's vision of the future

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt painted a messianic picture of our technological future on Monday, involving holographic telepresence, self-driving cars, automatic translation and the widespread deployment of 1Gbps Internet access over optical fiber, bringing transnational peace and communication to all.

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Operating with kindness: local high school students design shop windows for charity

Photo courtesy Amanda Braswell: The love? window is ready for the holiday season. ‘Tis the season to help others, at least that’s what Southlake’s Carroll High School art students showed when they created shop windows at Stonebriar Centre that portray the words: peace, love and hope and charity.

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The materials I used to construct this are Almond nuts and a white cloth. Almond is often eaten on its own, raw or toasted, it is also a component of various dishes. It, along with other nuts, is often sprinkled over desserts, particularly sundaes and other ice cream based dishes.

I took a clean and white cloth and arranged almonds on that cloth.

Then I made letters in “I Love ChangeDetect” carefully on the white cloth.

I have used 93 almonds for construction.

I have used a pure white cloth. I took white cloth as a background because it represents peace. The color of almond is dark so on a white background it can attract people easily.

Almond is an essential part of our dish so it will attract people more.

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