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Apple’s Steve Jobs? multitouch patent may be invalid

Apple’s 949 multi-touch patent, more commonly referred to as the Steve Jobs patent,? has been used in many patent lawsuits against various companies. Now it looks like karma may be taking a bite out of Apple, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office stating, tentatively, that it is not valid. As reported by FOSS Read The Full Story

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Twitter, Virnetx, Bce, Gawker, Fifa: Intellectual Property

Amid the technology industry’s penchant for patent lawsuits, Twitter Inc. unveiled a plan in April designed to curb the court confrontations. The proposal, which limits how companies could use patents against rivals, had a strong ally in Yammer Inc.

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Patent plaintiffs target Facebook as IPO approaches

As it prepares for one of the biggest IPOs ever, Facebook is coming under the same fierce attacks being waged against other big technology companies: patent lawsuits.

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