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The Shield Act Tries To Kill The Patent Trolls. But Does It Go Far Enough?

My colleagues over at The Register report the following: Shell companies that threaten legal action over patent infringement without actually producing anything themselves could be driven out of business if the newly proposed and risibly backronymed Saving High-tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes Act becomes law.

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Google sues BT in UK and US over alleged patent infringement

Google has accused the UK's largest telecommunications provider BT of infringing its rights in relation to four patents the internet giant owns.

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Marvell, Dish, Youku Tudou, Boeing: Intellectual Property

Carnegie Mellon University has filed papers requesting an increase of a $1.7 billion patent infringement damages award against Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

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Smith & Nephew, Uspto, Nike, Dotcom:intellectual Property

Smith & Nephew Plc won an appeals court ruling reinstating an $85 million patent-infringement verdict against Arthrex Inc. over surgical anchors used in shoulder surgery.

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Marvell Seeks to Overturn $1.2bn Patent Infringement Fine

The semiconductor and hard drive manufacturer Marvell is seeking to overturn a $1.17bn fine imposed on it for infringing patents held by a US university.

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Ericsson sues Samsung for patent infringement

Samsung licensed Ericsson's patents in 2001, renewing in 2007, but its license has now expired. Talks between the two mobile giants have broken down. View the full article HERE .

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The Eff Needs Help Keeping 3d Printing Free

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking forward to a future when 3D printing, thanks to "creative" patents, could no longer be free. Because the technology is so nascent, patenting parts of the process or renewing expiring patents could prevent incremental improvement of the technology out of fear or patent infringement. The EFF wants to head this off at the pass.

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