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Apple’s crucial overscroll bounce patent claim is valid, US patent office says

The USPTO has confirmed four claims of Apple’s overscroll bounce patent, including claim 19 of the patent, according to a document filed with a Californian court on Thursday. That claim played a crucial part in Apple’s US$1.05 billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung,.        

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USPTO Board Rules for PacBio in Patent Interference Case with Life Technologies

NEW YORK Pacific Biosciences late Monday announced that a board of the US Patents and Trademark Office has ruled against Life Technologies in a patent interference claim in which PacBio was named the senior party. (2 hours ago)

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Preliminary Judgement Says Apple, Rim Did Not Infringe Kodak Patent

Eastman Kodak says that it has received notice that the Administrative Law Judge in the U.S. International Trade Commission action brought by Kodak against Apple and Research In Motion has issued an initial determination recommending that the patent claim at issue is invalid and not infringed. (5 hours ago)

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