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Drinking an ocean through a straw – ChangeDetect

driking ocean through straw changedetect

The Internet is complicated.

Literally billions of pages of content are presented on the web, oftentimes in non-standard, non linear form.

And for those of you paying attention, the Internet is dynamic.

In the time it has taken you to read these few words, the Internet has already changed. By as much as 5%.

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The right way to approach web page monitoring is with the idea that ChangeDetect is the tool designed to save you time.

When a web page monitoring service stops saving you time, it is time to pack it in and call it a day.

We can say this, because ChangeDetect will save you time.

No matter who you are, you care about something that is published online. And if it is published online, then it will change or go out of service at some point.

We are the first to admit that web page monitoring is not the be-all and end-all perfect solution for all of your problems. But when done right, you can use ChangeDetect to automate a great many dull and unimportant tasks like visiting the same web pages every day. No longer will you have to search for web changes. They will be sent to you…

Please keep in mind however that setting up your urlminders is not always push-button.

Our ChangeDetect developers strive hard to make it so, but attempts at constructing the universal web page monitoring application would be like trying to drink an ocean through a straw.


Bottom line is that you will have to tweak your urlminders using the advanced web page monitoring settings from ChangeDetect to achieve the desired effects.

We hope you take this advise as we intended it.

Straight, honest and to the point.

Always in your service,

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Web Page Monitoring – How It Works

With the release of web page monitoring services, monitoring content of interest to users has never been easier.

To monitor web-enabled content for changes, all that is required is an e-mail account and a strong mindset for being the first to know about relevant changes to recently updated content.

Web page monitoring services are user-friendly with all services driven by custom user settings and subscriber preferences.

Overview: Web Page Monitoring

A vast array of content is available on the Internet.

With the assistance of top search engines like Yahoo or Google, most Web users have mastered content discovery.

On the other hand, keeping up to date with content updates is a challenge for most Internet users.

Sure there are “RSS feeds” and many web sites today offer proprietary update notification services, but not everyone wants to deal with complicated web technology such as RSS or yet another content change notification service that is specific to a particular website. Besides not every web site is deployed with an RSS feed. Furthermore most on-site content change notification services are controlled by the webmaster which means less choice for Internet users.

As such, most Internet surfers prefer a simple means to track the hidden web or sensitive content for most any web-enabled content. This is likely to be at odds with the goals of a webmaster who may not want Internet visitors to track updates to certain areas of the website he administers.

Therefore Internet users find value in centralizing web page monitoring and update notification with a single, simple third-party service.

Web Page Monitoring: How It Works

web page monitoring how it works

Keep An Eye On Your Sites Source: ChangeDetect

Safety, security and convenience built in.

There are two ways in which web page monitoring solutions are deployed.

  • Download software
  • Online web services

Of the two web page monitoring delivery approaches, online web page monitoring services are of higher value because there is nothing to download to your computer and new web page monitoring features can easily be added to the service.

Having to first download and then install software packages onto your computer is a virus risk. Most companies and many smart internet users work to avoid downloading unknown, or otherwise unproven, software onto their computers.

With online web page monitoring, Internet users also are not required to take extra steps to download software “patches” and/or install security updates. Because there is no such thing as a downloadable software patch with an online web service…

With online web page monitoring, everything executes safely on the Web as a secure Internet service.

Web Page Monitoring: Service Benefits

Top 10 reasons why you need a web page monitoring solution today!

  1. Be the first to know about important content changes to the web content that is the most relevant to your interests
  2. Automatically, monitor any web-enabled content for changes
  3. Track high value content typically obscured by password protection
  4. Monitor changes to web search and HTML forms
  5. Pass custom cookies to further unveil the hidden web to content update monitoring
  6. Avoid computer viruses and other malware because there is no software to download when you subscribe to a web service for web page monitoring
  7. Track sensitive content such as a press release, online price changes or even a competitor’s website — The best web page monitoring services track your sensitive conent confidentially and privately from anonymous third-party, proxy servers
  8. Capitalize on a state-of-the-art, self-healing system for proactive web page update tracking and notification which consistently delivers results that other web services are unable to duplicate
  9. Consult with content monitoring experts offering web page monitoring premium services
  10. Work online from anywhere…

Is Web Page Monitoring Right For You?

Web users just like you use web page monitoring services to track their favorite web-enabled content for changes.

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Newsletter Publishers
  • Librarians and Information Researchers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Buyers
  • Message Board Subscribers
  • Job Seekers

TIP: The top web page monitoring solutions feature content changes with color coded highlights, often in red and green. Red is used for removed content while green is often used for recently added content.

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