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Google wins key ruling in Oracle Java copyright infringement claim

A US judge has ruled that the Java application programming interfaces used in Android are not protected by copyright, marking a defeat for Oracle in its high-stakes lawsuit against Google.

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Oracle-Google Trial Jury Try to Avoid Deadlock

The jury in the Oracle-Google Java-Android legal spat are reported to be tantalizingly close to a verdict on the copyright phase of the trial, but remain deadlocked on one question.

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Google-Oracle trial over Java licence starts today

Oracle and Google are due in court today for the start of an eight-week jury trial that could have significant implications for developers of Android applications, as well as potentially for developers of other software.

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U.S. patent authorities weigh against Oracle claims in Android suit

IDG News Service – An ongoing series of reviews by U.S. patent authorities has led to a new series of adverse rulings against Oracle's Java patent and a copyright lawsuit against Google over the Android mobile OS, according to a filing late Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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Oracle Suffers USPTO Java Patent Rejection in Google Android Case

Google gained some new ground in its patent battle with Oracle as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a final rejection of one of the patents Oracle raised in the case.

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Oracle Java patent ruled invalid

Oracle’s patent dispute with Google has just taken a turn for the worst for Ellison’s briefs. (5 hours ago)

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Oracle’s patents case against Google weakening

IT World: “Oracle’s Java infringement case against Google isn’t going exceptionally well for the database giant these days, with another setback delivered by the US Patent and Trademark Office in the form of a patent reexamination this week.” (9 hours ago)

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