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6 die in Syria car bombing; gunman slays state journalist

The bomb blast in Damascus injures 10. Syrian President Bashar Assad's government and opposition blame each other for the explosion. BEIRUT A car bomb exploded in eastern Damascus on Saturday, an insurgent spokeswoman said, and the Syrian government reported that a gunman killed a state television journalist in the capital.

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Syrian forces intensify fire Aleppo

BEIRUT Syrian forces have intensified their firepower against a rebel challenge in Aleppo with activists reporting attack helicopters and fighter jets strafing opposition targets as well as artillery bombardments of several neighborhoods.

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UN halts Syria work

UN observers suspended their mission to Syria on Saturday, blaming intensifying violence as troops rained shells down on rebel bastions including Homs, where the opposition warned a massacre was imminent.

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Clashes rage in Syria, opposition meets abroad

Rebels fought the army in northern Syria on Saturday, activists said, and Syrian dissidents abroad gathered to try to unify and project themselves as a credible alternative to President Bashar al-Assad.

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Tufton wants urgency in signing Madrid Protocol

Opposition Senator Dr Christopher Tufton wants the Government to set a time frame for signing the Madrid Protocol, which is necessary for the country's participation in the European Partnership Agreement .

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Okram Ibobi Singh prioritises issues in Manipur

After leading his party to a landslide victory and silencing the opposition, Manipur Chief Minister and veteran Congressman Okram Ibobi Singh has now gotten down to business and initiated steps to quell the opposition within the party.

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Smith to draw fire on defence hostility

THE breakdown between the Defence Minister, Stephen Smith, and senior military brass will be targeted when Parliament resumes today, amid opposition claims his job has become untenable.

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