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Skype security flaw allows users to bypass Android lock screen

No thanks to a flaw in videoconferencing app Skype, users of mobile devices running Google’s Android operating system risk having their lock screens bypassed.

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Microsoft Backs Oracle's Crusade Against Google Android

Yes, Microsoft is backing Larry Ellison and Oracle in their ongoing crusade to prove that Google infringed on Oracle's copyrights in building the Android mobile operating system.

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Invoking 'Ann Droid': Oracle Compares Google to Harry Potter Plagiarist

In its never-ending effort to prove that Google illegally copied its software code in building the Android mobile operating system, Oracle compares its tech rival to someone shameless enough to plagiarize the structure of a Harry Potter novel.

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VIDEO: Blackberry 10 TimeShift and BB Balance

The first two handsets powered by the new Blackberry 10 operating system have been unveiled, at a launch event in central London.

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Skype disables Windows Phone 8 app's People Hub integration

Skype is temporarily disabling the integration of its Windows Phone 8 app with the operating system's People Hub due to "stability" issues.

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Untethered iPhone jailbreak works, but it won't be released

A famed iPhone hacker has developed a fresh way to jailbreak Apple's iOS 6 operating system in order to install unauthorized apps, but he says he won't release it.

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Dreading Windows 7 or 8 deployments? How advanced application mapping could be your silver lining

Supporting an ever-increasing number of enterprise applications has always presented a challenge, but this pain is especially acute when operating system upgrades — such as from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 — are rolled out.

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