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Romney’s Obama ads return to YouTube after DMCA spat

When is a political campaign ad too much for YouTube? When it's accused of infringing copyright – but Mitt Romney's anti-Obama ad is back on the service now after the service declares it fair use.

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Legal experts: YouTube’s removal of Romney ad may abuse fair use? law

YouTube’s removal of a Romney campaign ad might be an abuse of the law, legal experts told The Daily Caller Tuesday. The ad attacked President Obama’s history of giving major donors significant political appointments.

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Major label uses DMCA to take down Romney ad of Obama crooning

The incident highlights how the DMCA can hinder free speech.

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Orly Taitz’s birther suit backfires

New court documents offer more proof of Obama's birthplace. Predictably, the birther queen still says it's forged

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Our love-hate relationship with China

President Obama has a date with China's Vice President Xi Jinping on Valentine's Day, and despite tensions between the world's two largest economies, they're both likely to put on a happy face.

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America turns to the Pacific

Obama has a strong message for the Asia-Pacific region and China, write David Nakamura and William Wan in Washington.

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My Turn: IBM applauds patent reform legislation

In a significant move that will help to spur innova tion and encourage eco nomic growth, President Obama has signed into law the America Invents Act, which the Senate over whelmingly approved earlier this month.

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