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Defenders of The Oatmeal create parody websites to pick up the fight

Creator: "free speech is under attack," plans to fight possible lawsuit.

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Suit Claims Online Trademark Infringement and Cyber-vandalism

EFF Will Represent The Oatmeal Creator in Fight Against Bizarre Lawsuit Targeting Critical Online Speech

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The Oatmeal website, cancer and wildlife charities sued following web feud involving bear bestiality fundraiser

What do you get when you mix a lawyer, a popular comic website, copyright infringement allegations and a fundraising effort starring a flirty Kodiak bear?

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What Did You Think Was Going to Happen, FunnyJunk? A Lesson in What NOT to Do with Reputation Management

My friend Matt Inman, who I’m sure many of you know as The Oatmeal , has caused quite the media stir this week, and he has FunnyJunk to blame (or thank, depending on how you look at it). On the slim chance you aren’t aware of what’s happening, I’ll get you up to speed.

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