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Connecting with the science of luxury and design —- and money

Connect, the San Diego-based technology entrepreneurship nonprofit, recently brought some experienced design professionals together to explain how design makes a difference in their company's products.

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Local nonprofit crossing divides

PORTSMOUTH Many people on the Seacoast may be surprised to know an international peace organization that has changed the lives of thousands of youths exists in their very own back yard.

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Maharishi foundation: Competitor violates trademark

A nonprofit Iowa-based educational foundation tied to the calming meditation teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has injected new stress into the life of a competitor. Maharishi Foundation USA Inc.

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Righthaven ‘chilling effect’ prompts nonprofit to adjust

Depending on one’s point of view, Las Vegas copyright enforcer Righthaven LLC has either succeeded in deterring infringements of newspaper industry content or its no-warning lawsuits have unfairly spread fear throughout the Internet. (17 mins ago)

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