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Microsoft's microservices vision for Azure starts taking shape

Microsoft is building a new platform called Azure BizTalk Microservices that could be key to what's next for the company on the cloud platform-as-a-service front.

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New Apple Patent Could Make iPhones Drop-Proof

Talk about quick reflexes. Apple's new patent could allow future iPhones to automatically safeguard themselves whenever they're headed towards the ground.

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Google Philippines announces new country manager

Google has appointed veteran marketing manager Kenneth Lingan as its new country manger for the Philippines.

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Facebook launches new chatting application

Madrid, Nov 25 Facebook launched Tuesday a new chatting application worldwide called "Rooms" which simulates traditional internet chatting rooms, enabling users to chat with strangers on specific topics.

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Facebook Groups gets its own app

The new app, which the company promises won't become a forced download, has been created to simplify how Facebook's users keep in touch with families, work on projects and plan events with friends.

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Jennifer Lawrence: Privacy loss takes heavy toll

NEW YORK Jennifer Lawrence says she knew being a movie star would bring with it a certain loss of privacy. What she didn't know, she says, was the deep emotional and even physical toll it would take.

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CORRECTION: Skype real-time translator open for public testing

Microsoft is testing a new feature will let you Skype your foreign friends and relatives without reaching for the dictionary. 

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