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James Cameron plans to make movies in NZ

The Hollywood director has confimed he will film Avatar 2 and 3 on New Zealand soil.

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Megaupload: Kim Dotcom Gives First Tv Interview

After the crazy events of the last two months in the MegaUpload saga, Kim Dotcom is finally coming out to talk about it. New Zealand’s 3 News spoke to the MegaUpload founder recently on a program called Campbell Live. The

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Wool better than synthetic any day, say Kiwis

New Zealand’s 30 million-plus sheep will be pleased to know Kiwis rate wool carpets way above man-made imitations. In a blind sensory study carried out by Colmar Brunton late last year, 70% of people said they preferred wool over synthetic.

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NZ’s Provoke Solutions heads to Seattle

First steps of global expansion strategy Provoke Solutions, a New Zealand based online solutions and Microsoft software partner, has expanded to the US with the opening of a Seattle outpost.?

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NZ bid to resist onerous trade deal

Australians often look down on New Zealand – the latter has much less land mass and about a fifth of the population of its bigger cousin across the Tasman. But when it comes to resisting the dictates of flat-track bullies, the Kiwis often outscore the others.

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Have a grape escape at Marlborough

CYCLING through Marlborough in New Zealand is picturesque – especially when there’s wine at the end of the 101km Forrest Estate GrapeRide. (5 mins ago)

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Wheat growers call in Commerce Commission

New Zealand grain growers are appealing to the Commerce Commission and other government agencies amid fears large multinationals are achieving a dominant position in the local market and limiting access to markets for local produce. (44 mins ago)

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