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Dotcom threatens Twitter over new security

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom says he may sue Twitter, Facebook and Google for using his two-step authentication security.

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New security threat at work: Bring-your-own-network

Employees who access corporate networks and download data onto their mobile devices may not be as much of a security risk as those who bring consumer hotspots into the corporate environment.

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Microsoft acquires 20 new Windows security ideas for $13,400 each

Computerworld – Microsoft has received 20 submissions in the $268,000 contest it hopes will result in new security technologies being baked into Windows, a company security strategist said Tuesday.

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Obama insists US does not fear China, seals military deal with Australia

CANBERRA, Australia President Barack Obama insisted Wednesday that the United States does not fear China, even as he announced a new security agreement with Australia that is widely viewed as a response to China’s growing aggressiveness. The agreement, announced during a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, will expand the

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Team Designs Anti-viral Program

UCSB’s Computer Security Group has developed new security software that identifies and stops malware after a computer obtains a virus. (26 mins ago)

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