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Quora reveals your reading habits by default with "Views" feature

Now your reading habits on Quora will be revealed publicly, unless you take the extra step of turning off a new feature.

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Copyright Doubts Still Pinned to Pinterest Despite Changes

Little more than two months after concerns about copyright infringement arose, Pinterest announced it is introducing a new feature to credit photographers, artists and creators of other content its users 'pin' on the virtual scrapbook, but legal experts were divided yesterday about whether that is enough to protect the website from liability.

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eFax® Helps Businesses Share Files That Are Too Large For Email

New feature continues the evolution of premium capabilities beyond fax? to meet the needs of today’s busy, mobile, web-connected businesses. Read the full story at (25 mins ago)

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Google’s Next Browser Will Predict Your Web Surfing

One of the most recent builds of the Google Chrome browser offers support for an intriguing new feature: “prerendering” of Web pages, offering even faster Web browsing by guessing which pages you’ll visit next. (22 mins ago)

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Google unveil ‘Instant Previews’

Internet search giant Google began rolling out a new feature Tuesday called “Instant Previews” that allows Web surfers to sample a website without having to click through to the page. (36 mins ago)

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Facebook adds location-sharing feature

SAN FRANCISCO, California, United States’Facebook on Wednesday threw the switch on a new feature that lets US members of the social networking service share their whereabouts with friends while on the move. (2 hours ago)

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