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USPTO rejects one of Neptune’s krill patents; appeal forthcoming

In the latest development in the nutraceutical world’s equivalent of the Wars of the Roses, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has ruled on a reexamination of a Neptune Bioressources and Technologies patent and has rejected all of its 148 claims.

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Neptune ups ante by filing unfair trade complaint against krill competitors

In another busy day in the ongoing struggle among krill oil suppliers over IP protection, a trade complaint was filed, this time with the International Trade Commission, and the re-examination of a patent passed a procedural benchmark that one company said was tantamount to that patent’s dismissal.

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Neptune posts 31% rise in nutraceutical sales in Q4 as krill oil demand grows

The firm, which is expanding its facility in Sherbrooke, Québec, to meet growing demand, said nutraceutical sales rose 31% to $5.36m in the three months to February 29, while net profits in the division were $1.38m, compared with a net loss of $985,000 for the same period last year.

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Court to stay patent infringement litigation vs Enzymotec while Neptune’s krill patent is re-examined

The announcement follows news of a stay in a separate action filed by Neptune against Aker BioMarine and Schiff Nutrition for infringement of the same patent.

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Schiff and Aker file motion to stay Neptune patent infringement lawsuit

The lawsuit, filed by Neptune at the US district court in Delaware last October, claimed Aker and Schiff (which sells MegaRed supplements containing Aker’s krill oil) infringed Neptune’s 8,030,348 patent, which covers marine phospholipids to which the omega-3s EPA and DHA are bound.

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Neptune ups ante in krill patent war with new continuation? applications

Neptune has filed two continuations bolstering claims made in its #8,030,348 patent and one in relation to its #8,057,825 patent, which were granted in October and November 2011 respectively.

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Neptune secures US patent for krill cardio health benefits

Competitors and distributors making such claims for their extracts will now be compelled to modify their claims and/or enter into licensing agreements with Neptune ” said Michel Timperio, Neptune’s vice-president, business development.

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