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In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Conduit and Sweet Relief Join Forces to Support Musicians In Need

FOSTER CITY, Calif.—-Conduit, which creates engagement solutions for web and mobile publishers, today announced a brand partnership with Sweet Relief, a leading non-profit organization, and its new app.

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How German Youtube Court Case Affects Americans

The recent YouTube court case in Germany may be good news for musicians and filmmakers in Germany, but what about American songwriters? Under the German court ruling, Google is now mandated to provide . . .

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Branded Artist Apps Could Be a Gold Mine for Musicians and Fans Alike [Music]

Music Say you're a big fan of Sleigh Bells (the band, not the wintertime equine accessory). Wouldn't you want to listen to whatever Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss rocked on their iPods last week? More »

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Pandora's Tim Westergren Wants to Make Musicians Respectable

Like many companies, Pandora doesn't just want to make a buck. The company also aims to turn being a musician into a middle-class job.

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Ringing in a New Year

Jeff Pevar is among the musicians playing on New Year’s Eve at Infinity Music Hall & Bistro in Norfolk.

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