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Pandora's Popularity Making Free Music Viable, Despite RIAA's Push for Higher Fees

Pandora wants you to have free music. The Recording Industry Association of America, it seems, does not. Music, like all media, has gone digital. The eight track replaced the record and the CD replaced the eight track.

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Judge upholds Grooveshark's defense strategy

The online music service can proceed with its defense strategy against Universal Music Group's copyright lawsuit in New York state court and also proceed to countersue over claims that the music industry giant interfered with Grooveshark's business dealings with other companies.

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Digital Parasites: A Threat to America’s Culture Business?

As a music journalist working for Rolling Stone in the mid-1990s, Robert Levine marveled at how a file-sharing network developed by a 19-year-old hacker might loosen the eternal stranglehold of major record companies over the music industry.

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Music industry banks on free in effort to get paid

NEW YORK – The future of the music business is social, free — and hopefully profitable.

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New Music Locker Services Fail To Recognize Full Potential

Google announced today that it will join Amazon in offering consumers a cloud-based music locker service. Google’s news, which had been rumored for some time, presents an opportunity to both answer and ask some questions about the future of the music industry. (13 hours ago)

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Piracy harmful to music industry

I RECENTLY bumped into this dreadlocked musician with his guitar clung on his back. He was waiting for a minibus heading for Mutoko. I asked him why he was going to the countryside and when he would come back to Harare.

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