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AUTO: 2013 Mercedes GLK offers more features, safety

Meadows of Dan, Va. The mountains in southern Virginia offer some of the best driving in America, where decent roads climb and race down the region’s old, soft hills. The scenery is top-notch, too, which is why it was a perfect place for Mercedes Benz to introduce their newly refreshed GLK small sports ute.

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New light on enigmatic burial rituals in Cambodian mountains

Researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand working in remote Cambodian mountains are shedding new light on the lost history of an unidentified people by studying their enigmatic burial rituals.

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Comment on Satellite broadband service gaining speed, coverage

We live in the mountains near Allenspark. We have rarely had problems with signal, even during heavy snow or fog. I have had to brush off the dish when it’s snowing hard, but not since I sprayed the surfaces with PAM cooking spray. We had Hughes & hated it – WildBlue is a much better company, and their customer service reps speak so you can understand them .

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