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H-P, Google moves fuel patent speculation

Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings showed just how a sweet an offer tech companies would make to stake out large patent holdings. (20 mins ago)

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Google-Motorola deal highlights patent arms race

When an Internet company plunks down $12.5 billion to buy a struggling cellphone company for its collection of patents, it’s another sign that, for the high-tech industry, patents have become a mallet wielded by corporations to pummel their competitors. (10 mins ago)

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Motorola And Huawei Settle Trade Secret Dispute

Motorola Solutions Inc and China’s Huawei Technologies Co have settled a legal dispute over trade secrets, clearing the way for Motorola to complete the sale of one of its business units to Nokia Siemens Networks. (8 mins ago)

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Xoom sues Motorola over tablet name

Xoom Corp., operator of a money-transfer website, sued Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for trademark infringement for naming its new tablet computer that went on sale today the Xoom. (7 hours ago)

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Motorola barred from disclosing Huawei info during suit

China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. won a temporary court order barring various Motorola defendants from disclosing any of its confidential information to Nokia Siemens Networks. (6 mins ago)

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Apple Takes a Swipe at Motorola With Touchscreen Patent Suit

Apple has struck back at Motorola in the ever-widening smartphone technology patent wars, accusing the Illinois corporation of violating its touchscreen and other patents with several of its Android-based phones. The lawsuit comes less than a month after Motorola sued Apple over claims the Cupertino, Calif., company used technology based on Motoroloa patents in the iPhone, iPad and other devices. (1 day ago)

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Apple Sues Motorola: Report

Apple has sued Motorola, alleging Motorola’s smartphones infringe on Apple’s intellectual property, according to The Wall Street Journal . (2 hours ago)

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