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Apple, Google Consider Arbitration Over Standard Patents

Apple Inc. and Google Inc. s Motorola Mobility unit are talking about a way to resolve part of their dispute over patents related to critical smartphone technology, according to a court filing.

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TECH TIME: Motorola Razr M for those who don't want huge phones

The trend lately has been for smartphones to go bigger, bigger, bigger.

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Microsoft vs. Google trial raises concerns over secrecy

Two weeks before a high-stakes trial pitting Google's Motorola Mobility unit against Microsoft, Google made what has become a common request for a technology company fighting for billions of dollars: A public court proceeding, conducted largely in secret.

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Apple vs Motorola – ITU aims for clarification after 'heated debate'

Apple, Motorola and others gathered in Geneva on Wednesday to thrash out some of their differences over standards-essential patents under the auspices of the ITU. The organisers claim some progress was made, but this was only the beginning of a longer process.

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Quinn Emanuel, MoFo, Wachtell, Sidley: Business of Law

Aug. 24 — Apple Inc. has spent at least $32 million in one patent-infringement dispute with Google Inc. s Motorola Mobility unit — one among many legal fights on four continents.

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Motorola wants to turn your mobile phone’s display into a speaker

Motorola Mobility has filed a patent application that could change the way you interact with your mobile phone or tablet. Imagine the screen on your phone was actually a speaker as well as an input device.

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Judge Calls Off Apple v. Motorola Patent Rumble

The Apple v. Motorola trial scheduled to begin next week in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has been cancelled, with the judge presiding over the case deciding it should be dismissed because neither side has established a right to relief. However, Judge Richard Posner wrote on Thursday that in the course of preparing his full opinion, he might change his mind.

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