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Discussing a Post-SOPA Strategy – Cellphone Unlocking

It’s up to us: was the historic protest against SOPA merely a historical aberration, or was it the beginning of a new historical norm? They had all the chips in SOPA: they had the money, they had the lobbyists, and they had the organization. But we are the trump card’the digital generation’and we won.

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Manziel's corporation files lawsuit to protect 'Johnny Football'

While Texas A&M Johnny Manziel is unable to make money off the phrase "Johnny Football" until after he leaves College Station for the NFL, he has taken the requisite steps needed to protect his name and likeness from crafty retailers looking to make a quick buck off his ever-growing popularity.

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Fake Flash update installs feared banking Trojan

A new spam email campaign infects users' computers with a fake update for Adobe Flash Player but all the victims will be watching is money drain out of their online bank accounts. That's because the fake Flash update instead installs the Zeus banking Trojan, and then directs victims' computers to domains hosting more malicious software.

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Save more money — now!

The economy is stronger, but it's no time to take it easy. Plan for bad weather and increase the cash in your bank account

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The Call Center in the Cloud

Call centers are increasingly migrating away from on-premises systems to cloud-based systems, which can save money and give greater flexibility. Everything from customer data to telephony software is making its way to the cloud, revolutionizing the way call centers manage their operations. "It's all the buzz now, " said Mitch Lieber, principal at Lieber & Associates.

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AID POLICY: Seeing where the money goes

Commuters on the London Underground may have looked up from their newspapers recently and found themselves looking into the dark, wistful eyes of an African or Asian child. For just 50 pence – well under a dollar – a day, the child sponsorship advertisements promise, you can change this child's life, and you can do it today, right now, just by sending a text message.

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Connecting with the science of luxury and design —- and money

Connect, the San Diego-based technology entrepreneurship nonprofit, recently brought some experienced design professionals together to explain how design makes a difference in their company's products.

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