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Romney seeks more assertive US policy on China

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is promising to get tough on China to help American workers, but his plans could backfire. Romney is pledging, on his first day in office, to designate China a currency manipulator, a step no administration has taken against any country for 18 years.

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Can You Really Stop Mitt Romney From Using Your Song?

It’s easy to imagine a punk band having problems with Mitt Romney: He worked in private equity, his policies are conservative, and the sport of dressage doesn’t exactly rock. But most of these disagreements don’t involve lawyers.

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Romney’s Obama ads return to YouTube after DMCA spat

When is a political campaign ad too much for YouTube? When it's accused of infringing copyright – but Mitt Romney's anti-Obama ad is back on the service now after the service declares it fair use.

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Ap: Where Obama, Romney Stand On Manufacturing

The Associated Press is looking at the positions that President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have taken on small business issues.

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