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Technology brings faraway friends back home

While Johnny Lichtenberg’s Pescadero Middle School classmates are in the midst of an afternoon lesson, he’s just waking up in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since Sunday, he’s been living in the future.

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Poetry on the go in 'Metro Serye'

On World Poetry Day, GMA News Online features a wisp of a publication that has quietly stepped onto the local literary scene, bringing poetry right to the readers. It's meant to be tucked in your bag or stuffed in your pocket so you can indulge in heartfelt poems in the midst of a busy day.

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Australia’s Boom with a Bust

Australia is currently experiencing the largest sustained boost to the terms of trade in our history, according to the Australian Treasury’s Macroeconomic Group. Australia is in the midst of the biggest resources boom in its history, which is pouring tens of billions of dollars into the country. Read the full story at (37 mins ago)

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