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Intellectual property policy drafted by the 'legally illiterate'

Some have lauded the draft policy, saying it could make medication cheaper, but others say it is "unimpressive" and "almost contradictory".

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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issues Patent 8,212,658, Fifth in Portfolio Protecting Technology to Advance

New Directions Technology Consulting, LLC, Is Exclusive mHealth-Market Developer for the mMed Patent Portfolio for Mobile Medication Management

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ASA launches new video that highlights need for responsible use of pain medication

The American Society of Anesthesiologists launched a new video today on its lifelinepatients YouTube channel that highlights the need for responsible use of pain medication and proper disposal of the drugs. (41 mins ago)

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Positive Living HIV Organizations Concerned Over Potential Negative Impact of FTA

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 MARCH, 2011: Positive Living HIV organizations in Malaysia today expressed concern over the potential negative impact on HIV medication of Free Trade Agreements which the government is currently negotiating with the United States and the European Commission . (2 hours ago)

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Maggie Kozel, M.D.: Little Pharma: The Medication of U.S. Children

Our system of private, fee-for-service insurance is basically a business model that focuses on the top of the health care pyramid and pays for quick fixes with immediately observable results. (7 hours ago)

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