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Walker needs to fix feckless job growth

He has proved he can balance a state budget drowning in red ink, using tough measures like Act 10 to get the job done. It was a reprise of his fiscal toughness when he was Milwaukee County executive when he orchestrated a string of no-tax-increase budgets. He is rock solid on fiscal management.

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Tech passes measures to prevent illegal file sharing

Students who use illegal peer-to-peer file sharing are finding it harder to do so due to new measures implemented by Texas Tech at the beginning of this month.

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As Cash Runs Out, Helicos’s Future Remains Uncertain Beyond Year End

Faced with limited revenue , upcoming debt payments, and a dwindling amount of cash, Helicos BioSciences’ outlook for 2012 remains bleak, despite the firm’s recent cost-cutting measures.

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Genetic improvements can boost crop yields up to 150kg per hectare

TILLAGE farmers can improve their yields for some crops by 100kg- 150kg per hectare per year by following genetic enhancement measures detailed in a new manual, Certified Seed, launched by Teagasc. (55 mins ago)

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Bank of Japan starts emergency policy meeting

TOKYO – The Bank of Japan was holding an emergency policy meeting Monday amid speculation it will implement additional easing measures to help the economy, which is being battered by a strong yen. (30 mins ago)

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