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Cohabiting partners are also eligible for US visas

Spouses of nonimmigrant visa holders are usually granted derivative status and visas to be with their spouses abroad. A legal relationship must ordinarily be established to be eligible for such a visa. But for those who have been living together without the benefit of marriage, there is still an existing regulation that will allow them to be together during a temporary trip abroad.

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39;Sexperiment:' Pastor, Wife Weather 24 Hours in Bed on Church Roof

Determined to articulate God’s plan for sex within the context of marriage, Pastor Ed Young and his wife, Lisa, were nearly halfway through their 24-hour "bed-in" on their church’s rooftop Friday, when they realized their message was going to be harder to deliver than first thought.

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Shriver files papers to divorce Schwarzenegger

Six weeks after Arnold Schwarzeneggerrevealed he had fathered a child out of wedlock, his wife Maria Shriver filed divorce papers Friday to end their marriage of 25 years. (46 mins ago)

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Good Grief! Peanutweeter Gets Taken Down Following Dmca Claim

Peanutweeter, the hilarious marriage of random funny tweets with Peanuts cartoons, was removed from Tumblr Friday, following an infringement claim made under Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (22 hours ago)

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Kari Jean Houchin and Justin Richard Barber

Justin Richard Barber and Kari Jean Houchin both of Minneapolis are pleased to announce their engagement and upcoming marriage. Houchin is the daughter of Hugh Houchin of Bayard and Jeanne Houchin of Scottsbluff. (4 hours ago)

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