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Is This The #1 Thing That Keeps Marketers Up At Night?

I love trivia games. Love them. I think I own every Trivial Pursuit version ever created. I love trivia so much I even co-wrote a book one time with some buddies on movie/TV trivia. Of course my wife will remind me that the word "trivial" is a more appropriate way to describe my penchant for facts but, that's just her opinion.

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89 Degrees: 7 Best Practices for Trigger Marketing Success

BURLINGTON, Mass.—-89 Degrees outlines seven steps marketers can take to create micro-targeted, high ROI trigger marketing programs.

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The Complete Guide To Bidding On Competitor Brand Names & Trademarked Terms

It’s been long known in the industry that brand term keywords garner a much higher click-through-rate. As a result, marketers often start by bidding on their own brand terms. This however cannibalizes, to some degree, organic traffic that would have been received for those terms anyway.

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89 Degrees PACE Adopters See ROI Premium of 200% or Better

BURLINGTON, Mass.—-89 Degrees has announced the results of its PACE Benchmark Study, revealing significant untapped data-driven opportunity to produce greater ROI for many marketers.

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AdGooroo Launches Industry Insight, Offering Search Engine Marketers Instant Access to the World’s Largest Search

CHICAGO—-AdGooroo unveils Industry Insight, a search marketing dashboard offering instance access to the largest search intelligence database and years of PPC data on virtually every industry and advertiser.

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Yesmail helps marketers keep an eye on competitors

Yesmail Interactive has launched a new tool that enables marketers to track and analyze competitors' digital campaigns across any vertical and across multiple digital channels.

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Campaigner’s New iPhone App Gives Mobility to Busy Email Marketers

Today’s Small Business Can Run an Email Marketing Program Like a Big Company, Even From Home or on the Road

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