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You Can Now See All The Erroneous Dmca Takedown Requests Google Gets

Google does a lot of work for copyright holders in the US. Under the DMCA, Google has to delete infringing links from its search results. It used to be not such a bad job, but now the search giant is

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Hey, Obama, Romney, there's a lot of U.S. stuff in the iPhone 5

U.S. brands populate the inside of the iPhone. That tends to get overlooked in unnaunced debates. Originally posted at News – Apple

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What Do Torrent Sites Think About Google’s New Anti-piracy Policy?

Google caused a lot of discussion last week when they announced that they were introducing a new ranking signal into their search algorithm. The new signal directly targets sites that receive a lot of DMCA takedown notices and downgrades them

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The Mars Rover Landing, 281-Gigapixel Images, Accidental Mail-Order Rifles, iPhone 5 Mock-Ups, And More [The Best

Thebeststoriesoftheweek The Mars Rover Curiousity landed safely this week, and surprisingly, some other things still managed to happen as well. Between massive security exploits regarding Amazon and Apple, a terrifyingly odd message written on an airplane wing, a stupid DMCA takedown, and yes, a bunch of Mars Rover stuff, a lot went down. Catch the juiciest bits below. More »

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Are You Illegally Pinning On Pinterest

A lot of individuals are posting photographs that are not theirs and it could cost you if you share the wrong image.

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Blue Ivy Carter: Not The First Of Jay-z's Trademark Blues

Nearly a decade ago, the hip-hop mogul found himself on the verge of finalizing a deal with Chrysler to create a Jay-Z branded Jeep Commander; the luxury SUV would have rolled off the lot with a sound system preloaded with all his songs, an interior swathed in butter-cream leather, and an exterior slathered in a patented shade called Jay-Z Blue.

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Judge Won't Bar Steve Jobs Quotes From Patent Trial

Steve Jobs gave a lot of juicy quotes before he died, and Apple Inc has failed to keep some of them out of an upcoming patent trial against Google's Motorola Mobility unit, according to a court ruling.

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