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Roanoke company faces possible trademark infringement

A lemonade company in Rhode Island says Deb’s Lemonade in Roanoke is using its lemon logo A long-time business in Roanoke is in a legal battle over its name.

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Microsoft Sued By Company That Won Patent Lawsuit Against Google In 2012

New York-based Vringo has sued Microsoft over two patents that pertain to the ranking and placement of ads in search results. The patents were originally developed in the early 90s and owned for a long time by Lycos, which later sold them.

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Apple's Television Vision

Apple has been sizing up the world of television for a long time now with very hungry eyes. The company almost never reveals its plans out loud, of course, but if you test the PH level of the rumor pool, it's starting to look a lot like it did about six years ago, just before the first iPhone came along.

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New Trademarkia Feature Exposes Biggest Trademark Bullies; Apple, Zynga Among Top Five

For a long time, it was easy to search for patents on the Web , but trademarks? Not so much. Thanks to startups like TechCrunch 50 grad Trademarkia , anyone can now do a simple keyword search and pick through each and every U.S. trademark filed since 1870 — if your heart so desires, of course.

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Bananas aim high

IN the soft, brown and caramel corner stands the chocolate bar, decked out in glittery wrapping and trim, the product of huge consumer research budgets backed by near limitless marketing money and a long time easy favourite for fans. (23 hours ago)

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