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Study Shows Double-Digit Growth of Local Search in Online Portals and Internet Yellow Pages

As online search activity continues to grow in usage and intensity, new data show local searches now account for 13 percent of all core search activity on top web search portals as of January 2011. Â Internet Yellow Pages and local search sites also exhibited strong growth with 5.6 billion local searches in 2010, a 15 percent increase over 2009. (11 hours ago)

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Microsoft Licenses Unique Technology for Augmented Reality and Pointing-Based Mobile Local Search from GeoVector

Microsoft Corp. has entered into a licensing agreement with GeoVector® Corporation, the world leader in Augmented Reality and pointing-based local search solutions for mobile devices. (4 mins ago)

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As Media Habits Evolve, Yellow Pages and Search Engines Firmly Established As Go-To Sources for Consumers Shopping

As local search habits evolve, a comprehensive study of consumer preferences on local media shows that an integrated approach to local advertising incorporating both print directories and online search media is the best path for businesses hoping to ring up sales. (10 hours ago)

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A Local Search Marketing Tactic That’s One For The Books

Some commonplace, traditional promotion methods provide significant SEO benefits for local search marketers. However, many managers expend more time and energy focusing upon elusive technical tricks. Here’s one local SEO tactic that businesses should consider: write a book. (7 hours ago)

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