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Manziel's corporation files lawsuit to protect 'Johnny Football'

While Texas A&M Johnny Manziel is unable to make money off the phrase "Johnny Football" until after he leaves College Station for the NFL, he has taken the requisite steps needed to protect his name and likeness from crafty retailers looking to make a quick buck off his ever-growing popularity.

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Daniel Grant: Artists: Can You Be Sued for Including a Real Person in Your Painting?

Artists aren’t being hauled into court every time they include a recognizable face in their work, but the growing sense that one’s likeness is a “property” that can be commercially exploited has led many artists to feel less secure in pursuing realistic figurative images.

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Wimpy Kid” battles trademark-eating zombies in court

Greg Heffley had better take his vitamins and do some push-ups, because he’s about to go up against a formidable foe indeed — a zombie who bears an eerie likeness to him.

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