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Should Google censor an anti-Islam video?

Just hours after the U.S. consulate came under attack in Libya, resulting in the death of the U.S. ambassador and three of his colleagues, YouTube blocked access to an anti-Islam video that sparked protests in Egypt and Libya. The video, which was made in America and crudely characterized the Prophet Mohammed, understandably offended many Muslims.

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Business Highlights

It could be a year or more before Libya produces enough oil to start exporting it in large amounts again. But once the oil starts flowing, it should bring the price of gasoline down even further. (59 secs ago)

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Russia warns against foreign intervention in Syria

ALMATY, May 13, 2011 – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned Friday against foreign intervention in Syria, calling on its opposition not to seek a repeat of the “Libya scenario”, news agencies reported. (2 mins ago)

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N. Korea orders nationals in Libya ‘not to return’

SEOUL, Apr 10, 2011 – North Korea has ordered its citizens in Libya not to return home in an apparent bid to block news of civil uprisings in the Arab World from reaching the isolated communist state, a report said Sunday. (9 mins ago)

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Libya: live

LIVE: Libyan leader defiantly claimed in TV comments aired on the fourth day of UN-backed military strikes on Libya. (5 mins ago)

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Hotels enjoy mini-boom but nervous about near future

Could the sudden, short-term boost in hotel occupancy turn into a more threatening scenario for the industry? Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi Hotels have benefitted from a surge in occupancy due to the evacuations from tumultuous Libya but they are also aware the uprising in the neighbouring country could have negative repercussions in the long term. (3 hours ago)

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Libyan Americans Call For U.N. Intervention in Libya, Express Solidarity With Protestors

A group of Libyan Americans gathered in Fairfax, Virginia, today to express their support for the Libyan people and called for direct intervention from the United Nations. (2 mins ago)

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