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Thai shippers warned of illegal software penalties

Thai exporters risk losing access to markets if they ignore unlicensed software usage, as more countries will likely follow the US's move in issuing legislation to clamp down on illegal software.

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Senate may go on recess without passing cyber bill

The Senate could leave town this week for a monthlong break without passing legislation to protect the U.S. electrical grid, water supplies and other critical industries from cyberattack and electronic espionage.

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People power wins the day as MEPs reject global deal in copyright theft

The European Parliament has rejected a global agreement against copyright theft, handing a victory to protesters who say the legislation would punish people for sharing films and music online.

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10 Terrible Tech Laws That Have You in Their Bull's-Eye

Think what Congress and state legislatures do is boring? Read on to see what Internet and/or privacy rights you might lose if some of this misguided legislation passes.

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Critics of Antipiracy Bills Look to Extend Net Protections Abroad

Many of the lawmakers who helped to derail antipiracy legislation by saying it would hamper online innovation want the Obama administration to turn its attention to protecting Internet freedoms abroad.

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Hidden Dangers of CISPA

Want to stop private companies from sharing your personal information with Uncle Sam? Better hope the U.S. Congress doesn't OK this ill-conceived legislation.

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NZ eyes plain packaging laws

ATTORNEY-General Nicola Roxon is confident Australia's tobacco plain packaging laws will "spread to other countries" after the New Zealand Government agreed in-principle to introduce similar legislation.

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