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Google compressed-filth legal battle with smut site ended in US

Miniature nudies aren't porno piracy A publisher of adult photos can no longer raise claims that Google infringed its copyright in the US following a stipulation by a district court in California.?

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Penn Law in legal battle with Louis Vuitton

A Law School student group got itself into haute water with Louis Vuitton.

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Yorkshire pride prompts four-year legal battle over beer label

Yorkshire pride was to blame for a bitter four-year legal battle between brewers over the use of the county’s white rose on their beer bottles, according to a judge. (15 hours ago)

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Anonymous threatens Sony over Geohot suit

The infamous hacking organization Anonymous is reportedly turning its attention to Sony following the company’s legal battle with alleged PS3 hacker Geohot. (1 day ago)

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Youtube Viacom Brief Filed

In case anyone was wondering, YouTube hasn’t decided to wave a white flag with respect to the legal battle that Viacom started in early 2007. Indeed, lawyers representing the site have filed a new 94-page document defending YouTube’s approach to Continue reading (5 hours ago)

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