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Android Leads Market

Governments are made by and of people. As such, they are inherently burdened by weaknesses characteristic of people.

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Bittersweet road leads to Open wildcard

Fuelled by the recent emotions of one wedding and a funeral, Bojana Bobusic will take little for granted as one of three WA tennis hopefuls in this year’s Australian Open, starting in Melbourne on Monday.

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Biz Break: Google search avoids antitrust charges, SunPower deal leads to solar rise

Today: The FTC comes to an agreement with Google on some charges, but says its core search business does not break U.S. antitrust laws. Also: SunPower zooms higher after selling solar projects, helping the entire sector, as markets trend down.

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Golden Hour Jury Verdict Leads emsCharts to Bankruptcy

EmsCharts Attempts to Avoid Judgment in Willful Infringement Litigation

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Ninteen-year spiritual journey leads to ordination in Oreland

What some guys won’t do for a date. Tim Ricci ended up in a church. Not only did it change his life, it determined the trajectory of his career.

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Infosys way ahead of Indian peers in patent race

Infosys Ltd, the country’s second largest software exporter, leads in the number of patents filed by large Indian information technology services companies. According to the data compiled by equity research firm Barclays, the Indian firm filed 159 patents in the US Patent and Trademark Office during the last five years.

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Red nitride LED phosphor patent granted to Intematix

The firms chemical formulation lowers the concentration of oxygen impurities in the material structure This leads to improved reliability under high temperature and humidity conditions and increases light output efficiency

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