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Smartphone cases: Built to survive drops, floods and lawsuits?

NEW YORK: The smartphone patent wars have lit up courtrooms around the world. Next up: The smartphone case wars.

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Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Files Unfair Competition Lawsuits over Use of Pirated Software in Apparel Industry

LOS ANGELES — Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today filed lawsuits against two international apparel manufacturers for gaining an unfair competitive advantage over American companies by using pirated software in the production of clothing imported and sold in California.

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Google: Don't Let Trolls Exploit Patent System Flaws

Abuse of our patent system is becoming a drag on innovation in the software and internet sectors, and it’s hurting consumers. Companies are especially concerned about lawsuits often involving software claims filed by patent assertion entities commonly known as trolls.?

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Catching Up With Apple's Courtroom Capers

Where's Perry Mason when you need him? This web of criss-crossing lawsuits is getting complicated.

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The Kardashians? cosmetic line faces second lawsuit

The Kardashian sisters? new cosmetic venture is facing double trouble as two companies have planned to launch lawsuits that accuse them of stealing their trademarks.

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Is the 3D printing industry about to start turning out lawsuits?

The fledgling 3D printing industry is booming. But as it grows, so too will its list of enemies.

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Tracking-services Patent Used to Threaten Cities Across the U.S. Challenged

Patent Troll Files Flurry of Lawsuits Over Widely Used Transit-Arrival Systems

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