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Struggling Dairy Farmers Find a 'Moo' Business Model

Ten small-scale milk farmers in Maine formed a cooperative to face mounting market pressures, but can an alternative business model save the family industry? A new documentary premiered in Silver Spring, Md. last Friday tells the story.

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Julia Roberts, George Clooney File Joint Lawsuit

Two stars are better than one! Former Ocean's Eleven costars Julia Roberts and George Clooney filed a joint lawsuit last Friday against Beyond Audio, Inc and Digital Projection, Inc. for allegedly using their names and images to promote their products.

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State Sen. Stewart Greenleaf signs up for New Hampshire presidential primary

State Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf had some more nationally well-known company last Friday when he drove to New Hampshire, signed a form and paid $1,000 to have his name put on the 2012 New Hampshire Republican presidential primary ballot.

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Come Spin With Gavin Friday in Mashable’s Turntable.fm Room

Mashable made its first official foray into Turntable.fm last Friday with its own room . This week, we’re partnering with The Musebox, alon? (17 hours ago)

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