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Who owns your digital music library if you break or lose an iPod or laptop?

Millions of music and book lovers regularly download digital files such as songs by chart-topper Rita Ora. But do they really own them? And what happens if a laptop containing a valuable record collection is stolen?

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This Christmas, smaller doesn’t mean less powerful

PEOPLE want to bring their laptops almost everywhere. But a full-sized laptop is obviously a pain to carry around with its size and weight.

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Viewers to see a new YouTube

YouTube on Thursday launched the most extensive changes to its appearance, organization and function in its six-year history, as the Internet’s top video site prepares for the fast-approaching time when people will expect to watch the same video content on their living room TV, gaming console, or smartphone that once saw only on their laptop.

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Toshiba unveils the Portege Z830, its first Ultrabook

Toshiba has revealed its first Ultrabook: the Portege Z830. The new laptop will be the thinnest 13-inch computer in the world.

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100 years of Think? at IBM

Google, Apple and Facebook get all the attention. But the forgettable everyday tasks of technology saving a file on your laptop, swiping your ATM card to get 40 bucks, scanning a gallon of milk at the checkout line that’s all IBM. (15 mins ago)

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Suzuki laptop brand gets good feedback

DAVAO CITY — The Suzuki computer brand has revved up its consumer awareness campaign in the southern regions as it continues to perform well in the local market on a quarter-to-quarter basis this year. (9 hours ago)

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nortel meridian

nortel meridian
A picture of a lady in an office cubicle in which a docked laptop, Nortel Meridian phone and a calculator are resting on her work area.

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