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Tracing the nano-landscape

How big is small? Nano technologies are igniting innovations across the world. And tracing this nanoscape? the complex pathways from nanoventing? to the commercialisation of nanovations? is the book Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Rights: Research, Design, and Commercialization.?

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Ansira Acknowledged by Independent Research Firm in the Emerging Customer Engagement Agency Landscape

ST. LOUIS—-Cited as being very close to Forrester Research’s definition of a customer engagement agency, Ansira has been recognized in their Feb. 2012 report, The Evolution of the Customer Engagement Agency.

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Law protecting iPhone jailbreaks could expire soon

The law that protects users who choose to jailbreak? their iOS devices from copyright law is set to expire, which could change the iPhone and iPad landscape if it does.

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Apple win in patent fight with Android phone maker is limited

A ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission that HTC violated one of Apple’s patents will have little effect on the Android phone maker’s business. But other patent fights ahead could reshape the landscape. Apple Inc. has persuaded federal authorities to ban U.S. sales of some Google-powered Android phones that unlawfully use iPhone-like features.

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Policing the digital storage landscape

Content providers want Congress to ensure that cloud storage doesn’t facilitate copyright infringement.

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Q&A: What is the Impact of Myriad Patent Rulings on IP Landscape for Protein Biomarker-Based Tests?

The decision ruled that isolated gene sequences such as those used by Myriad in BRACAnalysis are not products of nature and are therefore patentable. (8 hours ago)

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Youth Culture Study Reveals Significant Changes in Market Trends and Opportunities in Fashion, Footwear, Spending New

Fresh research from Label Networks’ 11th Spring Youth Culture Study reveals key findings that leave little doubt that a new generation has come into their own, creating a fresh set of trends within the American youth landscape in spending patterns, use of social media, communication patterns, and changes in brand preferences in fashion, footwear, music, sports, and relevant lifestyle associations. (22 hours ago)

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