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Google Denies Unlawful Use of Rosetta Stone Trademarks

Google Inc. denied making any unlawful use of Rosetta Stone Inc. s trademarks in a filing today in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. Rosetta Stone , which sells software for learning foreign languages, claims Google has sold keywords using its trademark to rivals and counterfeiters.

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The Complete Guide To Bidding On Competitor Brand Names & Trademarked Terms

It’s been long known in the industry that brand term keywords garner a much higher click-through-rate. As a result, marketers often start by bidding on their own brand terms. This however cannibalizes, to some degree, organic traffic that would have been received for those terms anyway.

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Question Of Whether It’s Legal To Use Trademarks As Keywords Revived On Appeal in Rosetta Stone/Google Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit today revived part of Rosetta Stone’s trademark lawsuit against Google, meaning the search giant’s permitting the use of trademarked terms in AdWords is still legally questionable in the United States.

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