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Kodak Looks for Favorable Judgement on Patents

Innovation turned Eastman Kodak Co. into one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Imitation by its rivals might help keep the picture-taking pioneer from fading into history. (1 min ago)

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Microsoft presents legal brief in i4i patent fight

The company has filed a new legal brief to the US Supreme Court in its bid to overturn a $200m judgement regarding patents owned by i4i ( ZDNet UK – Intellectual Property ) (12 mins ago)

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Preliminary Judgement Says Apple, Rim Did Not Infringe Kodak Patent

Eastman Kodak says that it has received notice that the Administrative Law Judge in the U.S. International Trade Commission action brought by Kodak against Apple and Research In Motion has issued an initial determination recommending that the patent claim at issue is invalid and not infringed. (5 hours ago)

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