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Apple ordered to pay Chinese writers in copyright dispute

After eight authors' books were sold on the tech giant's App Store without permission, a Chinese judge rules that Apple must pay up.

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US ITC judge rules against Motorola in dispute with Apple

An administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled that Apple did not violate a Motorola Mobility patent relating to a sensor controlled user interface for a portable communication device.

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Kim Dotcom warrants invalid, New Zealand judge rules in MegaUpload case

New Zealand High Court throws more hurdles at U.S. prosecutors trying to extradite MegaUpload founder on copyright charges

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Pure Detroit can continue selling ‘Imported from Detroit’ shirts, judge rules

A federal judge denied Chrysler Group’s request for a preliminary injunction to block Pure Detroit from selling “Imported from Detroit” merchandise. (31 mins ago)

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