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Protecting Gadget Jailbreakers and Video Artists from Legal Threats

EFF Launches Petition Campaign for Expanded DMCA Exemptions

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Expanding Exemptions Won in Last Digital Millennium Copyright Act Rulemaking

Copyright Office Should Expand Legal Protections for Jailbreakers and Video Artists

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Anonymous threatens Sony over PS3 jailbreak lawsuits

Anonymous has set its cites on Sony, claiming its lawsuits against the PS3 jailbreakers constitutes “unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom.” (1 hour ago)

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Microsoft Repays Jailbreakers With Free Schwag, Not Lawsuits

Hack a Sony gadget and you might get slapped with a lawsuit. Hack a Windows phone, however, and you might get a free t-shirt and a phone call from Microsoft. (18 hours ago)

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